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Together To Gather and Green Team Unite to Help Victims of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu

This weekend many members of Townshend were concerned after hearing of the devastation wrought in Vanuatu by cyclone Pam. What brought it close to us was the very real fear for friends and family of Townshend, not least was Marc Mohajer, who is doing his year of service there. Thankfully we have heard he is okay, and we wait and pray for others close to us, and all the victims of this natural disaster.

Together Togather (Townshend’s student-run non-profit organization) and the Green Team (our environmental group) decided to contribute to help those suffering in Vanuatu. We were particularly moved by the children affected, and the BBC news article of people having to drink seawater because of the lack of clean water available. Together Togather had just held a dinner to raise funds, and together with an upcoming event planned by Green Team we have already sent €200 to UNICEF for immediate help in sending clean water filters and basic sanitation equipment to Vanuatu.

This again showed the tremendous power of Townshend. Those involved in these efforts to help those suffering should hold their heads high. We shared this news at Assembly on Wednesday morning, and will keep everyone updated. We are also going to plan more events for this and our other long-term charity projects.

If you wish to join and help those in Vanuatu, UNICEF has a webpage open to submit aid.

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