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First Semester Awards

Students and staff gathered on Friday morning in the Seminar Room to celebrate student achievements and accomplishments. All students were given their report cards, which, as many of you know, include detailed personal feedback from each teacher, in a note to the student. This aspect of the report cards are designed to give encouragement, to highlight accomplishments, and to give guidance of higher achievement.

The first semester was very strong, with 35% of students receiving awards for high academic achievement. Twelve percent of students received High Distinction awards, which is a grade point average of 4.75 or higher, on a 5.0 scale. Congratulations to all!

Finally, 30% of students received the George Townshend award, which is for students how achieved the top mark on effort and behaviour.

It was a very strong semester, and a very nice trend to see that each year, more students join the ranks of the high achievers. We look forward to another strong term.

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