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Drama Club Performs "Mad Forest"

After months of preparation, students from across all grades in the secondary school performed the moving play, Mad Forest, centered around events surrounding the Romanian revolution. Director, Keith Sabri, shared the following:

“This year the Drama Club is bigger than for many years and the group decided that they wanted to do something serious. Mad Forest fits the bill. The cast has worked long and had to understand and convey the traumas and emotions of their characters who are caught up in the Romanian revolution which toppled the Ceacescu regime. The play is technically difficult and consists of three acts and tens of scene. Some carry the plot forward. Some convey an atmosphere. All are deft brushstrokes in what may be considered a dramatic portrait of a time, a people and a city. The play is an intricate and subtle portrait of ordinary people in a time of twisted turmoil.”

Congratulations on an excellent performance!

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