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Model United Nations Trip 2016

This year’s Townshend Model Government Europe team kicked off our first conference of the year in Karlovy Vary with Carlsbad International School at the StagMUN 2016 Conference. Townshend and Carlsbad International School organized a joint student-run Model United Nations Conference around the theme of “Trafficking in the 21st Century.” Rosie Mustakova-Possardt, Townshend Under-Secretary General, and Rosie Castro, Townshend Special Committee Chair gave inspiring and thought-provoking speeches to the delegates encouraging them to engage in productive debates to come up with fruitful resolutions related to combating arms, human and drug trafficking. Delegates meet in their committees delivering their opening speeches and engaging in intriguing debates ranging from combating illegal arms control in Ukraine to stopping the flow of narcotic drugs from Afghanistan. The crisis team is working to develop a very fascinating crisis to be integrated into the committees for Day 2 of our conference tomorrow.

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