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Hello everyone! Welcome to a new school year.

This year we are happy to bring to ASC a new format, which will challenge the students for some new adventures and sessions where they can achieve some more knowledge.

In this new format we are going to have a theme/activity for each day.

As you can see in the table, there are 2 options. You can sign up in these sessions or you can choose the option “Board Games”. To sign up in After School Club you can find in the cloakrool a form which you should fill in order to participate in it. There will be a small table with the activities for each day. If you will be interested in those activities, you should fill the square under with an “X”. If you will not want to participate in the activities but play some board games just leave those squares empty. After filling the form, you should drop it inside of a box with the letters “After School Club” in the office room.

After School Club will start at 2:30pm but the sessions will happen between 3pm to 4pm and for some of them may be needed sportif clothes.

Some activities are not so recommended for Lower Primary and Kindergarten, due to their age, motricity and strength, however, we have prepared for the younger ones very funny games which they will enjoy a lot.

See you soon!


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