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HW 21.9 - 25.9

Daily reading can help your child cognitively as well as socially and emotionally. Please have them read 15 minutes daily in English and sign their reading logs.

Monday 21.9 - ORT books due

Year 3: Complete Unit 4 Focus A-C spelling exercise and 3 spelling cards due Friday

Math Workbook pg 41-42 due tomorrow

Year 4: Complete Unit 4 spelling exercise Focus and Extra and 4 spelling cards due Friday

Math WB pg 27-28 due tomorrow

Year 3/4: Geography Workbook pg 8 (if not completed in class) due tomorrow

[Option: students can write spelling words 3-4 times in a row as practice]

-> Remember Family History Written Report tomorrow

Tuesday 22.9

Year 3: Math WB pg 43-44

Year 4: Math WB pg 29-30

Year 3/4: Practice oral presentation: Family History due 29.9

->Remember PE kit for tomorrow!

Wednesday 16.9 - PE

Year 3: Math WB pg 45-46

Year 4: Math WB pg 31-32

Year 3/4: Wonder pages 5-7 due 30.9

->Remember complete Grammar Unit 3 due tomorrow

Thursday 17.9

Year 3: Math WB pg 47-48

Year 4: Math WB pg 33

Year 3/4: Science workbook pgs 13-15 (if not completed in class)

Study for spelling test tomorrow

->Remember spelling cards tomorrow

Friday 18.9 - Spelling Test

Year 3: Math WB pg 49-50

Year 4: Math WB pg 34

Year 3/4: Complete Grammar Unit 4 exercises due 1.10 (if not completed in class)

->Remember complete ORT reading questions

*Math lessons are subject to change based on the student's pace in class.*


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