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Online Class Tasks 6.4-10.4

All assignments are due by Thursday 9.4, including tests.

Tests must be supervised and signed by a parent or caregiver.

Marks for homework will be given on Mondays.

Monday:   5th and 6th grade

Spellings Unit 20 x2

Writer's Workshop Essay: How To Stay Safe From Coronavirus- 1 page

(Picture will be in the Morning Minute email)

History: The Celts Test

Maths: 5th: Book 5B Chapter 7 Decimals Lesson 13 Worksheet 13

6th: Book 6B Chapter 11 Volume Review pgs 99-100

Tuesday: 5th and 6th grade Science:

5th: Topic Revision "Light" (Test 9.4)

6th: Topic Test "Material Changes"

Maths: 5th: Ch 7 Lesson 14 Worksheet 14

6th: Ch 12 Lesson 1 Worksheet 1

Wednesday:  5th and 6th grade Grammar Unit 17 pgs 38-39 Geography: Coasts: Sand Dunes and People pgs 34-35, Workbook pgs 34-35

Maths: 5th: Ch 7 Lesson 15 Worksheet 15

6th: Ch 12 Lesson 2 Worksheet 2

Thursday: 5th and 6th grade

Study Spellings Unit 20

Spellings Test Unit 20

Maths: 5th: Ch 7 Lesson Consolidation Review pgs 32-37

6th: Ch 12 Lesson 3 Worksheet 3

Friday: Happy Easter! No school!

Online School resumes Tuesday, 14.4


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