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Primary School Highlights - May and June 2021

Primary school has been in full swing for the past two months, with plenty of outdoor activity to make the most of the summer sunshine. Students have had much to do, with a fun mix of science, arts, music, and celebrations. The remaining two weeks of term also have much to look forward to - with tie-dye t-shirts, ceramic arts and crafts, laser tag, field trips, nature walks, and a sleepover in tipis!

Middle Primary "Imposter Parties"

Upper Primary - "Saving the Planet" Display for their Global Studies Project

Middle Primary learning about circuits and investigating how to make a switch

Upper Primary enjoying a well deserved chocolate milk with cream and marshmallows (their Friday treat for behaving really well during the week!)

Upper Primary Book club - sharing information from books about Ancient Egypt!

Middle Primary playing ukuleles, with a song battle where students made up songs for their team

Upper Primary's lesson on Emails and Online-Safety with Mr Eliot

Middle Primary Birthday Celebrations!

Upper Primary making Bath Salts to give to their mums for mothers day