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States of Matter Study Guide-Gr 5

States of Matter One of the forms that all matter takes:

Solid, liquid, gas

Matter Anything that has mass and takes up space

Gas The gaseous phase has mass, but no definite volume or shape. A gas fills all available space.

Liquid This state of matter can be poured and it takes the shape of its container.

It has mass and volume but no definite shape.

Solid The solid phase of matter has definite shape, mass and volume.

Apparatus The tools used to conduct scientific experiments:

Measuring volume of liquid-

graduated cylinder, measuring cup, beaker

Measuring temperature-


Melting Point The temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid

Boiling Point The temperature at which a liquid changes to a gas

Freezing Point The temperature at which a liquid changes into a solid

Water The three stages of matter for water are:

Water vapour, water, ice

Boiling point: 100 degrees Celsius

Freezing point: 0 degrees Celsius

Melting point: 0 degrees Celsius

Changes in State Condensation: change from a gas to a liquid because of cooling

Evaporation: change of a liquid to a gas due to heating

Cycle of Water Be able to describe the water cycle.

Use the words: evaporation, condensation, cooling, heating

Bonus: draw a diagram of the water cycle

Think about it: Can we drink rain water? Is it clean? Why or why not? Remember to think about the water cycle, evaporation of solutions...check your books 40-43

Bonus: What is sublimation? Describe it. Give an example.


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