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Upcoming Career Talks

For many students, life after school seems far away, and few have a clear idea of where their career path will lead. Navigating this milestone is an exciting yet daunting prospect: there are many different paths that can be taken, and many more paths we did not know existed.

Over the next two months, we have arranged multiple career talks with alumni and guests, who will talk about their career paths, explain what their every-day working life is like, and answer questions which the participants have about their professional futures. This will also be an opportunity for students to hear about ways they can serve our society, create social change and impact communities around the world.

We envisage that the talks will offer our students the perfect opportunity to have a lively discussion about careers in a relaxed setting, where they can be comfortable asking any questions that come to mind.

The talks will cover topics and professions such as:

  • Management

  • Economics

  • Social Sciences

  • Engineering

  • Technology

  • Human Relations

  • Real Estate

  • Internships

  • Careers within the UN

  • Volunteering & Year of Service

  • Development and Public Health

  • Environment and Conservation

  • Film and Media

  • Data Analysis

  • Public Policy and Development

  • Project Administration

The career talks will be held each Monday from April 12th until May 17th. The talks are open for all students in Level 1 to 4, and any parents who wish to accompany them.

Zoom links and further information will be distributed shortly.

Please do encourage your children to attend what are sure to be an insightful and inspiring series of talks!


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