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Writer's Workshop 21.9

Imagine going to bed hungry everynight. Imagine waking up hungry knowing that there is no food. Imagine having to find food wherever you can, even in the rubbish bin. Imagine being forced to beg or steal just so you could eat.

We cannot truly understand what this is like. We have felt hungry from time to time, but we have never felt starvation.

What can we do to help?

Your writing assignment this week is to make a persuasive essay bringing awareness to the poverty problem and convincing others to share their time and resources in order to help the poor.

Title: We All Need to Help

Assignment: 5 Paragraph minimum

Introductory paragraph (describes the problem), conclusion paragraph (summarises the ideas)

Paragraphs must have 5 or more sentences at least. Don't forget to indent your paragraphs.

1st Paragraph: Introduce the problem of poverty. Describe what it is like.

2nd-4th Paragraph: describe how I can help reduce poverty. Separate the paragraphs by topic.

5th Paragraph: Conclude by reminding me why poverty is a problem and what I can do to help. Thank me for considering helping.


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