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Board of Governors

The members of the Board of Governors are appointed by the Founders, and confirmed by the Board of Governors, based upon their personal qualities and ability to contribute to the work of the board.


The responsibilities of the Board are:


  • To set general policies;

  • To define the vision and general direction of the school, and

  • To ensure continuity in the vision of the school;

  • To attend to marketing concerns for the growth and long term development;

  • To officially represent at government and institutional levels;

  • To officially represent at meetings with the Baha’i Institutions;

  • To increase financial commitments on behalf of the school;

  • To preserve the permanent school site;

  • To give final approval for the Director’s mandate;

  • To monitor the development of policies.


Contact Email (Secretary):

Ramona Reyhani


Ramona Reyhani has been an intimate part of Townshend International School since its establishment in 1992. As one of the two founders, she created the philosophy and constitution of the school, and has intimate knowledge of all aspects of the institution, having served as interim school director, director of finances, campus and buildings supervisor. She has now for several years served as the full-time Residential Director, on a voluntary basis.


Mrs. Reyhani was born in Tehran, and has lived in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and Austria. In 1990 she and her family moved to Czechoslovakia, which soon thereafter, with the Velvet Revolution, became the Czech Republic.


Mrs. Reyhani is the author of the book, “Simply Noble: A step-by-step guide to cultivating the best in your child”. She has been a member of the board since the school’s founding in 1992.

Reza Reyhani


Reza Reyhani, is a co-founder of Townshend International School. With degrees in mechanical engineering and political science, and training in public relations and media, Mr. Reyhani brings to the board an entrepreneurial spirit, a broad vision, and a philanthropic heart, which have helped nurture Townshend since its birth. Born in Tehran, raised in Austria, and educated in Germany, he moved to the Czech Republic in 1990 after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Here he has established companies that have developed products for such global players as Audi, Sony, and BASF. His approach to business and capacity-building in the Czech Republic have helped his employees and partners become independent in their fields of expertise, launch products in western markets, and build relationships that have lasted decades.


Mr. Reyhani is also the co-founder of the social non-profit road show, “Dawnbreakers of Europe”, the producer of the documentary film, “The New Day”, and conceptual creator of the Meditation Park for the bicentennial celebrations of Czechoslovakia, which conveyed the principle of the oneness of religions, and which was viewed by 50,000 people including President Vaclav Havel.


He has served on the Board of Governors since the founding of the school in 1992.

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