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Townshend is a non-profit organisation.  It is not financially-backed or funded by any governmental, religious or philanthropic organisation.  All funds are channeled into developing the school’s resources and services.  Every year, we try as much as possible to keep fee rises to a minimum, often much less than is commensurate with the actual rise in cost of goods and services.  This is done so that we can continue to remain an affordable option to our community and those who value Townshend’s educational approach.


Therefore, special thanks go out to all the parents and friends of the school who come forward to lend assistance through their professions and trades, or by offering funds for the sponsorship of other students.  Your contributions are truly admired and appreciated.


For individuals wishing to donate funds to Townshend, it is possible to contribute via Bank Transfer, or Paypal.

Bank Transfer:

Account Name:  Townshend International School

Bank Name:  Raiffeisenbank

Bank Street Address:  Hvězdova 1716/2b

Bank City, Country, Postal Code:  Prague, Czech Republic, 14078


Bank Code:  5500

IBAN:  CZ64 5500 0000 0000 1080 0108

Account number:  108 00 108


Donors from the United States can also make contributions through the Mona Foundation.

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