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Primary School Annual Fees 2024-25

(Fees are in Czech Koruna. Euro values are provided as an estimate, but may vary due to daily exchange rates and bank fees at time of payment)


Kindergarten (ages 3 – 5 yrs)

Lower Primary: Grades 1 – 2

Middle Primary: Grades 3 – 4

Upper Primary: Grades 5 – 6






Euro (approximate daily conversion)

k eur

l eur

m eur

u eur

Sibling Discount: For each additional child a 10% discount on tuition fees is granted.

We also offer a range of Scholarships and Financial Aid packages. More information can be found at the bottom of our admissions page, or by clicking here.

Other Expenses

Not included in the above fees are various other expenses that may arise from time to time and vary for individual students.

  • Application Fee

  • Uniform

  • Optional cultural events, outings, and activities

  • Private lessons (music, horseback riding, etc.)

Corporate Rates

A 40% company surcharge is applied when student contracts are paid for by a registered company. 

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