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09/04/2020 PE Session - Meditation

"What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be described as the practice of paying attention in the present moment, and doing it intentionally and with non-judgment.  Mindfulness meditation practices refer to the deliberate acts of regulating attention through the observation of thoughts, emotions and body states. Typical mindfulness activities include:

  • Mindful non-judgmental awareness of breath, body, feelings, emotions and/or thoughts (in sitting meditation practice or throughout the day)

  • Mindful walking meditation

  • Mindful eating

  • Mindful body scan in a sitting or lying down position

  • Listening with non-judgment

What can mindfulness do for students?

  • Reduced Stress: Improved ability to manage stress

  • Increased Focus: Improved ability to pay attention, focus and concentrate

  • Improved Emotion Regulation: Reduced impulsiveness, improved child behavior (rowdiness, suspensions, expulsions)

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence: Improved conflict resolution skills

  • Increased Empathy and Respect: Increased empathy and understanding of others

  • Increased Resilience: Increased capacity to overcome challenges

  • Improved Physical Well-being: Increased engagement in physical activity

  • Improved Creativity & Collaboration: Improved expression of creative arts."

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