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15/04/2020 PE Sesseion - Games

Hello everyone!

Today's PE session is all about having fun! We are going to play games!

I'm going to propose you 2 different games, but both of them really funny.

The first game is called "Bocce Ball". This game can be played with some other ball's that you probably have at home. (e.g. tennis ball's) This game requires your concentration and accuracy, and it can be played with more participants (which makes the game more funny). You can decide how many balls you want to play with, but my reccomendation is to play with 2 or 3 just.

Below you can find a link where you can see better how Bocce Ball is played.

The second game is called "Bottle Bowling". In this game you just need to use some emply plastic bottles (around 10), and 2 balls ( it can be the size you wish).

Once you get this stuff, you just need to place your plastic bottles in a triangle shape or some other shape you would wish. Finally make some distance from the bottles and throw 1 ball at the time, in order to hit as much bottles as you can).

I would like to see how you played these games, so I ask you to take a picture or film it and send me.

I hope you will enjoy your session!


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