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15/05/2020 PE Session - Functional Training

Hello everyone!

Today we will have a functional training session.

Let me tell you 3 "nice-to-know" facts about functional training:

- Functional training is designed to enhance the ability of exercisers to meet the demands of performing a wide range of activities of daily living (ADL) at home, work, or play without undue risk of injury or fatigue. As such, functional fitness is a by-product of the synergistic integration of the various components of fitness (physical and neuromuscular) and the muscle groups and joints involved in a movement activity or training effort;

- Functional training can have a positive impact on everyone. The ability to perform the tasks in their daily life more safely, efficiently, and with less effort is a payoff that would benefit all exercisers – particularly older adults and sedentary individuals who lack a baseline foundation of fitness. It should be noted that “age” is not just a matter of chronology, but also the ability to function effectively and independently;

- A variety of tools exist that can be incorporated into a functional training workout. A list of these implements includes exercise bars, bands, and balls, as well as dumbbells and the individual’s body weight. The key is not so much the specific tool employed, but the way in which the instrument is used. Whenever possible, the primary focus of the exercise should be to train “movements,” not simply “muscles” in an effort to ensure that improvements transfer over to everyday life.

Hope you will enjoy the session.


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