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17/04/2020 PE Session - Functional Training

" In everyday terms, it simply means being able to perform daily tasks without being fatigued. As we all know our tasks normally change within the day. If you are “functionally fit,” you should be able to complete every task whether it is planned or not. Incorporating functional fitness into a child’s daily routines can help create a solid foundation for fitness. Allowing children to understand each movement they perform and know why they are doing it helps provide children to opportunity learn to appreciate their bodies at a young age.

If schools were to incorporate functional movements into their PE classes, children would get more out of it than just an hour of socializing with friends. Functional movement can come in many forms, squatting, running, jumping, picking things up are all movements that we performs on a daily basis. So if we were to teach our children at a young age how to properly perform these activities, they would grow up living a much healthier life and appreciate their bodies more!"

You can find today's session in the link below:

Enjoy it!


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