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Technology, Education, and Townshend

Staff of Townshend International School gathered for two hours on Friday after school to enhance their use of technology and internet-based tools for teaching. The session kicked off with a presentation by our School Director, Vivek Williams who, by the way, holds a Master’s degree Educational Administration and Technology, and who is currently teaching Level II Chemistry. His presentation was followed by others from Mrs. Shirin Sabri who teaches English Literature, Mr. Robert Setchell who teaches many of the History courses, Mr. Stepan Kovar our ESL expert, and Mr. Rumi Palsha, our newest staff member who is teaching ESL, English, History, and Civics. It was a lively session, with faculty members accessing the websites live on their laptops and asking many questions. The afternoon exemplified the cooperative spirit that exists among the faculty, and their dedication to stay up-to-date with technologies that will give students the best opportunities to learn. All on a Friday afternoon!

(Photo Credit: Creative Commons 2.0 Bryan Alexander).

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