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Welcome Back!

Our students and staff returned this week to Townshend after a refreshing winter holiday. They were greeted by a white landscape as newly fallen snow covered the region. For several of our students from the Pacific, this was their first time seeing snow! School Director, Mr. Vivek Williams, welcomed students at Monday Morning Assembly, and set the tone for the coming term -- a time to explore personal development, to focus on studies, to deepen friendships, and to prepare for Cambridge exams coming up in the next term. This eleven-week term will end on March 20, on the eve of the vernal equinox and the coming of spring. A few special events this term will include the Winter Ball, the Drama Club performance, the School Ski Trip, and the History classes excursion to Berlin. In the photo above, students are already back to work, enjoying study time together in the library's winter afternoon sun.

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