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Our Newest Student

This term, we welcome one new student, Eun Hye, who comes to us from Seoul, South Korea. We met Eun Hye during a student recruiting trip to Seoul in September. Before arriving at Townshend, Eun Hye had spent several weeks getting English tutoring with Townshend alumnus, Minjee Kang. Eun Hye’s family has also been in close contact with the family of Hyun, who arrived to Townshend from South Korea in October. We are pleased that a small network of families in Seoul are in touch with one another, sharing their experiences and providing mutual support. Eun Hye arrives at Townshend, eager to study English and has already formed many friendships. Here, Avesta and Mrs. Dean help Eun Hye (center) get her textbook for Mr. Setchell’s History class.

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