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Congratulations on University Placements for the UK!

Congratulations and best wishes to the nine Townshend students who applied to British universities and colleges this week. They have applied for many different degrees including business, psychology, international relations, law, midwifery, and music, to start once they complete their time at Townshend. They have applied to a variety of top universities across the UK including Edinburgh, London, Birmingham, Lancashire, Glasgow, Stirling, and Aberystwyth, and now are eagerly awaiting their responses.

Many thanks to our Academic Director, Mr. Keith Sabri, for writing the references, and to all the teachers, who proof read the many attempts at personal statements.

Now the fun part, waiting for the offers from the universities whilst working hard to match their expectations from the A Level Cambridge exams!

Also good luck to a number of our alumni who also applied for next September. Fingers crossed!

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