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Students Return from Athens

We are back at Townshend from a successful Model United Nations (MUN) trip in Athens! Our MUN team had a blast and our Townshend students gained a great opportunity and a wonderful experience that helped develop their leadership, public-speaking, research, and writing skills. They came away from the conference with new ideas, skills and friends from all over the world. There were 800 students participating from 37 schools including international schools from Egypt, Turkey, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Spain, Croatia, and Greece. Students even had the opportunity to meet Jan Bondy, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Hellenic Republic along with other world affairs professionals.

Townshend’s MUN student delegates represented the delegations from Canada, lead by student ambassador Payton Goodred and Luxembourg, lead by MUN President and student ambassador Lina Mollaian. Below is a list of our student delegates and their committee from each delegation:

Canada Delegation

  • Aidan Campbell, Disarmament Committee

  • Karen Sereshgi, Social Humanitarian Committee

  • Arman Khorram, Political Committee

  • Payton Goodred, Legal Committee (Student Ambassador)

  • Rose Castro, Environmental Committee

  • Daniel Williams, Special Conference on Children’s Rights in the 21st Century

Luxembourg Delegation

  • Kiel Minervino, Disarmament Committee

  • Lina Mollaian, Social Humanitarian Committee (Student Ambassador and MUN President)

  • Kathrin Alber, Political Committee

  • Gabriella Annells, Legal Committee

  • Tamara Duncan, Environmental Committee

  • Christian Alber, Special Conference on Children’s Rights in the 21st Century

Despite being our first conference, students were engaged and active participants. Our Townshend students came prepared for the conference, each with 3 to 4 policy statements and resolutions in hand to present th