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Spring is here, and we're all back!

The trees and flowers are blossoming around the campus, and we welcome everyone back to Townshend after the Spring Break. Our international student body and staff scattered across the globe, going as far west as the western shores of North America, as far east as the Mariana Islands in the Pacific, as far north as Finland, and as far south as Australia. Students from the Congo traveled with classmates to France and Spain; others from Korea stayed with friends to Germany; students, staff, and former staff met in Rome; a student from China and his mother, joined other Townshend families from New Zealand and Austraila for a road-trip from Paris to Rome — all this, reflective of the truly international character of Townshend, and of the close bonds and friendships that form here.

Now that we are back from a restful vacation, we prepare for the last quarter of the year, which will be a busy time. Next week, students in Level II, III, and IV begin their mock exams, followed in May and June by their Cambridge exams. And this week we welcome families from the Cayman Islands, from Bulgaria, and from Germany who have come to see Townshend and consider enrolling for the fall.

It’s good to be back, and we looked forward to the re-energizing that spring brings.

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