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Class Trip to Prague

After the strain of Mock Exams, Level 3 were ready for some stress release. The class went on a trip to Prague, to do the MindMaze escape room puzzles. These puzzles challenge the participants to solve a problem in an intriguing scenario. The class split into two groups. One group was locked into the Alchemist’s Chamber, and the other was confined in the Enigma Room. Their challenge was to escape within a single hour by breaking codes and solving problems. It was necessary to work together in a unified way, consulting as a group and agreeing on the approach to take. The Alchemist’s Chamber group escaped in an amazing 40 minutes, and the Enigma Room group, which had a somewhat more complex scenario, made it out the door in 55 minutes – great work by all!

After their successful escape, the students enjoyed a few hours in Prague lunching and shopping before returning home. Many thanks to Coach Lenhof, who drove us all there and back – and threw in some bonus stops at McDonalds!

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