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Onward to Southern Asia

Townshend Representative, Mr. Wilmer Pulido, has begun travels to Southern Asia to meet with families and students, raising awareness of the unique benefits of attending Townshend International School. Many students share that in addition to excellent academics and university acceptances, Townshend creates an environment that nurtures each individual, calling forth virtues, and a sense of service. We carefully approach building a diverse and unified environment, and look forward to welcoming a select few students from this region of the world to the Townshend family.

Mr. Pulido’s travel schedule is as follows. Please contact him to arrange a meeting.

Singapore, Singapore: April 27-29

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: April 29 – May 4

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: May 4-6

Hanoi, Vietnam: May 6-9

Macau, Hong Kong: May 9-11

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