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Exam Season Finishes with a Splash (and some Dinosaurs!)

Today Townshend was in a strange mood. After an early wake up, thanks to the boys of Level IV, the whole senior class departed to Croatia for the traditional “Senior Trip.” Moments later, another group of ten students departed for a science trip to the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland. The rest of us were left trying to get used to the noticeable absence of so many personalities.

The last Townshend and Cambridge exams proceeded smoothly through the day, and there was much rejoicing as they came to a close. The students deserved a break, so in the evening Mr. Palsha and Mr. Setchell (met by David Khorram) took many of our students out to see the latest movie, Jurassic World — a personal favourite of Mr. Setchell (having seen it before and already planning to see it again). We had already been treated to Mr. Palsha playing the classic theme tune in assembly that morning.

As we returned to campus it was quite clear that a water fight – the traditional celebration of completion of exams - was underway. Many eagerly participated. But what of those who didn’t want to get wet? Their cries of neutrality were ignored, except for yours truly, who watched very safety from the top of the boys dormitory. It was nice to see the students have a break from intensive studies and to begin to enjoy the last few fun days together before graduation, and ultimately the trips home for the summer.

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