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Cambridge Results and Universities

On Tuesday the long awaited Cambridge exam results were released to our students in levels I-IV who took their exams in the May-June session. Although release of the results jarred some students away from their summer of sunbathing, overall, we are pleased that the results were excellent, with high 90%+ pass rates in both A levels and IGCSEs. Across the IGCSE, AS-Level, and A-Levels, the skill of the Townshend faculty was manifested in the ability to help students achieve the highest of marks: A’s in Drama, Physics, English as a Second Language (ESL), Mathematics, Czech Language and Literature, Sociology, and Business Studies. If this were not impressive enough, A* marks (the highest possible, and a rare feat) were achieved by students in Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, History, Spanish, English Literature, and German, including A*’s in A-Level History and Spanish!

The results were particularly important for the graduating class because the scores determine university acceptances. We are delighted that as reports come in from our graduates, acceptances include offers to several top-ranked institutions: Aston, Glasgow, and Manchester Universities. Fields of study for this year’s graduates will span the range from Astrophysics, to Law, to Business.

Townshend continues to prepare students well for entrance into universities of their choice. We look forwards to discussing the results of the AS level exams and IGCSE results with our other students and to congratulate them on their return next week!

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