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Holistic Boarding School

One of the attributes of Townshend is the holistic approach it takes to education. What do we mean by “holistic education”? It simply means that we are concerned with educating more than the mind. Academics are critical, and high standards are expected. But excellent scores are not what life is all about. Rather, at Townshend, we place emphasis also on the student as a “whole person” — developing emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

You can get a sense of the character and commitment of Townshend’s approach by the thoughts shared during staff orientation by School Director, Vivek Williams. Mr. Williams explained that the student, like all of us, is primarily a spiritual being — an individual who at the core is noble, and aspires to noble qualities; an individual whose sense of fulfillment will not come from purely material pursuits; an individual who no matter how troubled or difficult at times, is potentially the light of the world. And he then helped the staff hone in on their responsibilities as teachers and mentors, by stating, that they have been entrusted to us. These noble beings are under our care and guidance, and it is a sacred trust, a responsibility, and an honor to be a vital part of their lives.

These two ideas build the foundation of Townshend’s approach to holistic education — the student as a spiritual being, and the responsibility and honor we have as a school to accompany them on a critical part of their journey. We invite you to come join us at Townshend!

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