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Autumn Activities Announced

Any curriculum can offer only so many courses. Yet students have interests that need to be explored beyond the classroom. The faculty at Townshend offer a rich array of co-curricular activities to enrich the lives of our students. These activities have allowed our past students to go beyond the curriculum and to develop the interests to pursue careers in such fields as astrophysics, jazz music, and non-profit social entrepreneurship.

At Wednesday Assembly, students gathered to hear the co-curricular activities being offered for the first term. During the coming weeks, we’ll highlight several of these, and here list them so that you get a sense of the depth and breadth of our faculty. Students will be signing up in the coming days.

  • School Play

  • Dance Workshop

  • Together To Gather (Townshend’s own non-profit organization)

  • Computer Game Design

  • Chess Club

  • Green Team

  • Teaching German to Refugees

  • Herbal First Aide

  • Spanish Conversation Club

  • Cycling Tours

  • Classical Concerts Club

  • TED-Ed Club

  • Young Writer’s Society

  • Yearbook

  • Townshend Magazine

  • Persian Language Club

Sports activities for the term will be announced on Thursday.

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