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Cycling through South Bohemia

Mr. Cortés once again led an intrepid group of students on a 75 km cycling trip through the regional countryside. He sent in this report:

September 28th was a Czech holiday, and some of us decided to use it for “some” exercise. Our first stop was in Kolný, where we got many and varied examples of Czech pastry (cakes of different types) as a present from the people living there, and we were informed that Kubíček, the ancestor of the founder of Brasil’s capital city, was born in a house which happens to be a beautiful example of South Bohemian architecture. We continued through villages and forests till we reached the town of Třeboň, famous for its castle, its international animated film festival Anifilm, its square, and its thermal baths. It is also the place where the Schwarzenberg’s family grave is, which looks like a combination of a miniature palace and a gothic chapel. Třeboň is also the most famous fishing point in the Czech Republic, providing the most renoun among the carps traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve. Some of us managed to get stamps and stickers for our Tourist Diaries and started the way back, during which we met Mr. Kovář with his family and we saw our cook, Míra. We even found blueberries! It was a great day and the kids were brave, with 75 Km on their account!

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