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UN Day - International Science and Peace

Thank you all for such a wonderful and awesome UN DAY event last week! This year’s theme was International Science and Peace. Thank you science teachers for kicking off the event and providing students with innovative scientific presentations, experiments and displays in your classrooms!

We had great speeches, performances, and music by Dance Workshop, MUN delegates and our talented Townshend students. We would especially like to thank our guest speaker, Ondřej Skopec from AIESEC and our essay contest winners Jaleh, Grade 7 and Max, primary! We had a great singing performance by Colin Shoemaker and Mateen Nolan, and no doubt Rebekah Coyan proved she was a rap princess by battling Mr. Palsha and Coach Lehnhoff. Thanks to Wei Hao (trumpet), Dr. Garraway (trumpet), Mr. Palsha (baritone horn) and Jan Zeman (piano) for performing excellent classical music pieces. Lina, MUN President lead the Dance Workshop with very exciting performances and delivered a thought-provoking speech. Other speeches presented by Christian Albers, Gregorgy Dahl and Jakob Dostal explored themes related to global warming, space exploration, nuclear technology, the polar regions, green technology, sustainable development, ICT and other scientific discoveries. The Upper Primary students provided an overview of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and nonproliferation treaties. Also, flag delegates and fashion models brought in much energy and pizzazz to the event. Ignacio Alvarez Mahrami and his stage crew provided the international beats with a Spanish flare to the event. You can check out more photos and videos of this wonderful event on the MUN Townshend Facebook page.

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