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Goals, Effort, and Balance

Students returned from the winter holiday, well rested, and full of smiles. At the first Assembly of the new term, our School Director, Mr. Vivek Williams, took a few moments to review the aggregate student performance over the past term, and to set the tone for the new term. Mr. Williams shared that this term is the longest one — eleven weeks. This long stretch allows students to get into the heart of the work, and to focus on sustained work, and sustained effort. He shared that one of the elements that students are evaluated on each term are their effort and behaviour, and that there is a strong correlation between high marks in these areas, and high grades in the subjects. He encouraged those students who fell short on the effort marks to set goals for their studies, to set their sights high, to lean into the work with gusto, and to work to set habits and patterns of study. Mr. Williams also encouraged students to balance this academic effort with healthy physical habits, with developing new friendships, and deepening established ones, and to take the time for individual contemplations and reflection. Welcome back, and we look forward to another excellent term!

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