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Visiting Alumnus

We had the pleasure of welcoming two young alumni back to campus this past week. We had a chance to sit down with Daniel Burrack, a 2016 graduate, who is studying astrophysics at University of Central Lancaster in England. While visiting, Daniel helped tutor and teach Townshend students in the mathematics and physics classes.

Daniel shared that the Cambridge courses at Townshend prepared him well for his university classes. He is currently enrolled in Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Further Mathematical Methods, Graphs & Vectors, and Applied Physics. He encouraged students by saying, “The Cambridge courses may seem hard now, but they really prepare you well for later. I find myself more advanced that other students in my university, so even though it is hard now, it will make things easier in university.”

Thank you for your service to Townshend during these few days, Daniel. We welcome visits from alumni, and look forward to more throughout the year.

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