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Marhaba from Istanbul

MARHABA from beautiful Istanbul!

Townshend MUN students are participating in the 2016 ACI Model Government Europe (ACIMGE) in Istanbul, Turkey. ACIMGE is an affiliate of the Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE) conference in which we participated in November 2015 in Budapest. Townshend students have worked hard the past several months in preparation for this conference.

ACIMGE is an European Union simulation that places students into the roles of ministers to experience how the EU works, while developing critical skills in researching, speaking, writing, debating, negotiating, and building consensus.

ACIMGE has a unique and innovated structure, as it is a crisis-based simulation of the governments of the EU member states in which all ministers debate current issues that are announced during the conference. During crisis sessions, ministers meet with their cabinets and counterparts in order to find a solution for the events that threaten international and national security.

Townshend students are having the opportunity to engage and debate in an international environment while developing their quick-thinking skills and finding solutions to real-world problems.

Please keep watch for more updates and pictures about our conference on Townshend’s Facebook page! You can view live video feed of the conference through the application, Periscope and search for ACIMGE!

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