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"The Change Will Come"

We are happy to share with you a music video, “The Change Will Come” produced by one of our alumni, film director, actor, and writer, Ilker Yilmaz. Ilker graduated from Townshend in 2013, spent some time in the US doing service, and then moved on to graduate from the Art Institute of Vancouver. He shares his perspective in these words that embody the Townshend spirit.

I hope that through my work and projects I can make a difference towards the betterment of the world and ultimately the society we live in and belong to; creating a difference in the lives and minds of those who are willing to share this journey through film with me.

In discussing the newly produced video, Ilker wrote,

The Change Will Come is about unity in diversity. We all have the right to believe in what we want, have our own political views and our own opinions, those are human rights and can’t be touched by anyone. It is on all of us to understand that and make a stand against injustice. Together we are strong and can beat all injustice around the world!

Enjoy the video!

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