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Welcome Back! Adrenaline Park

Well, school is back in session, and we are happy to once again welcome students from all around the world, as we launch our 25th Year Anniversary. The first Sunday of the term is traditionally the trip to Adrenalin Park — a green space with ziplines, rope courses, trampolines, and sports fields, right here in Hluboka, within walking distance of the school. It was an unusually hot day, as students and staff from the dormitories, along with day students, enjoyed an afternoon welcoming one another from all corners of the globe, ending the first week of classes, and enjoying the thrills and challenges of Adrenalin Park together. Lot’s of photos were taken, but few have made it into our hands yet, so please watch our Facebook page, where we will be posting more. This random photo beautifully highlights our diversity, with students from Spain, the Mariana Islands, New Zealand, USA, and Sweden!

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