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Level 3 Class Dinner and Bowling

On Wednesday evening 12th October, as a well deserved respite from their studies, the level 3 students went to Ceske Budejovice for a staple tradition of Townshend and the first of the new academic year: the class dinner.

The students went 10 pin bowling in the Mercury shopping centre. Experienced veterans of bowling aided those who had never been before and gave encouragement no matter if they actually hit any pins! Support and encouragement were the order of the day with some pretty high scores attained over the hour. After the dinner we went to McDonalds (as befitting a class with Mr Setchell as homeroom teacher) and Kebab in Lannova Street. Enjoying some fun chats and a welcome respite from the studies.

Already students are looking forwards to more class dinners through the year, but for now it has motivated them to keep working so well, and to remember that the friends within the class can help them through the year.

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