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Nuremberg 2018 Excursion for History Students

On the 26th January students of grade 9, IGCSE and A Level History went on an excursion to Nuremberg, This was to support their understanding of Germany 1918-1945.

Many of these students had been on our other excursions on this topic, the Eagles nest, Auschwitz, and from this academic year- Berlin. As we are in a central location in Europe, we have been able to go to excellent exhibits about this period in a way hands on and visual to our students. In this case the museum is held in the Congress hall of the Nazi party Rally grounds- and it gave students the sense of not just the horror but the scale of propaganda used by the Nazis to control the German people. The museum is done with exhibits an audio guide , so students could learn at their own pace and in their own languages if needs be.

The students were well behaved throughout and excellent ambassadors for Townshend in public. They were respectable in the museum with the solemnity of the topic studied. They were rewarded with this with free time in the medieval centre of Nuremberg, able to enjoy the German cuisine and shops.

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