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Back in Action

Following a long and eventful summer break, we are excited to welcome in the 2018-19 school year. The summer months have brought several changes to our returning students who, after several weeks away, are full of energy and ready to immerse themselves into Townshend life once again. This year Townshend also welcomes a rich mix of new staff and students, and we look forward to seeing their contribution to the school community.

The year ahead promises many opportunities for the students’ growth; academically, physically, and spiritually. With physical activities back up and running, there has been a vibrant splash of noise and colour across the campus; shouts from the football field, a spring on the basketball court, and a whole lot of teamwork. This week enrolment has also opened for extra-curricular activities such as Arabic conversation, cooking, school play, and yearbook, with students eagerly rushing to the sign-up boards during their break times.

With the school community attracting a large number of youth, the efforts of students have also turned towards service. Senior students have been assisting new arrivals with the transition to dormitory life; several high school students have been helping in the primary school; and the graduating class has recently opened the legendary snack shop. Our mid-week was also touched by an open welcome to all youth by the local Baha’i community, with a gathering of music, prayer, games, and of course, dinner!

So keep your eyes and ears open for updates as the year continues – there will be much to share!

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