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Welcome to our Friends from Colombia!

Last week, a group of exchange students from Colombia arrived at Townshend International School. For the next month they will be participating in the school routine and living in the dormitories. In total, there are six girls and three boys: Gabriela, Angie, Laura, Danna, Paula, Samantha, Pablo, Sebastian, Esteban, and their chaperone, Ms Bacca.

One of our students, Manuela, has asked the girls some questions in order to get to know a little bit more about them:

Manuela: Why did you choose Townshend?

Samantha: “Because this school is big and beautiful and the people are friendly and kind.”

Gabriela: “I came to the school to learn another language to have a better future, knowing the Czech Republic culture.”

Paula: “Last year it was made the same exchange program, which was very good and this year they did it again.”

Manuela: What are some things that you like so far about Townshend?

Laura: “The people are very welcoming and they make us feel happy. I also like the way they teach the lessons.”

Manuela: What are some things that you like about Colombia?

Paula: “The food, the people and the environment.”

Finally, Manuela asked what they expected to gain during their stay at Townshend. Danna said that she wanted to improve her English; something that all the girls agreed with. Laura mentioned “a new point of view to see the world”, and they were all also excited about “making more friends”. Last but not least, Gabriela said “I hope to receive knowledge to have a wider mind”.

The Townshend students are excited to interact and learn a lot from their new friends from Colombia. For them, it is a great opportunity to gain experiences from other countries; something that Townshend appreciates a lot, and greatly encourages.

It seems that this one month is going to be a joyful time for them and for us, and we can not wait to have more opportunities like this one. So on behalf of Townshend International School, we are very pleased to welcome the Colombian students!

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