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"Found/Tonight" - Performed by Ethan & Joshua

Fans of musicals “Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen” take note!

We recently had the pleasure of recording Joshua (left) and Ethan (right), as they performed a cover of “Found/Tonight”; a powerful song that combines “Story of Tonight” from Hamilton and “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen. The performance was recorded live from Townshend’s top floor balcony, overlooking the school, the nearby castle, and the surrounding area of Hluboka nad Vltavou.

Joshua and Ethan, who are both involved in musical theatre, have performed together on many occasions and we were happy to record them properly at last. Ethan, a final year Townshend student, comes from a very musical family and has been studying music for most of his life. He has aspirations of pursuing a career in the music industry following his graduation this year, most likely starting with a degree in musical theatre.

Joshua was a much-loved and well-appreciated Year of Service volunteer at Townshend. During his time here he was largely involved in the creative arts; helping to organise & direct performances, assisting with drama lessons, and supporting students with their musical ambitions. He returned to Australia a few weeks ago to start his studies in musical theatre, where we wish him the best. Follow this link to find out more about service opportunities at Townshend.

[Music composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul]

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