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What can I do to help the world?

World Religion Day is a celebratory date, during which, people gather and talk about the spiritual principles of every religion, with one common objective; to harmonise the religions, against every prejudice or intolerance. This year, on Sunday the 20th of January, the Townshend community celebrated World Religion Day for the first time (that I am aware of). Everybody was invited to participate, to demonstrate the diversity and unity this special day calls for. The discussion was about how can we make the world a better place, which was accompanied by cake, pretzels, tea and lots of love. In the end, there was a map of the world, which the participants filled with things that we can do to improve our home – the Earth! It was a short one hour event, but there was surely a spirit that helped spark meaningful conversations. From now on, I definitely think it’s going to be an important day on the Townshend calendar.

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