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Our Family Day

This week we usually hold our Townshend Family Day. Once a year, every year, we celebrate, as a family, one of the Baha'i Holy Days as a day of games and fun. All students are divided up into teams and they run around the campus, from one station to the other, from one challenging game to the other, working together, helping one another, and laughing a lot. And when all are really tired and hungry, joined by our Townshend parents who live in South Bohemia, they attack the barbecue that Mr. Remias and his kitchen crew have so lovingly prepared for us.

This year our family is spread out in the world, on five continents. We cannot be together, but we know that this shall pass and we will come together again. And when we do, we will find many occasions to celebrate.

Dear Townshend Family, wherever you are now, we hope you have found ways of dealing with the situation that has separated us; please take care of yourselves, enjoy yourselves with all the wonderful things you do have, and stay safe.

With many loving greetings to you and your loved ones,

Ramona and Reza Reyhani

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