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22/04/2020 PE Session - Juggling

Hello everyone!

Today's PE Session will be juggling!

Juggling looks just a funny activity, but it brings much more benefits then you think!


- is a truly portable workout;

- makes you smarter;

- sharpens focus & concentration;

- is the ultimate in stress relief;

- maintains and increases range of motion in the arms and shoulders;

- is one of the best ways to improve coordination;

- is beneficial for all age groups and body types;

- helps ward off cravings;

- makes exercising with family & friends easy.

(you can find more here:

In case you don't have your juggling ball's, that's ok! You can try to create your own juggling balls! Check these next videos.

Below, you can find today's chllenge! To juggle with 2 or 3 balls! Have fun!


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