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Creation Myths

The creation myth in Ancient Egypt consisted of Nu creating Atum and Atum then spitting out Shu (air) and Jefunet (water). Shu and Jefunet created Nut (sky) and Geb (earth).

In the Incan civilisation Pachamac (sun) made the stars and the moon. Pachamac married the moon. They made humans from rock. The humans were too simple so the sun and the moon had children (the first Inca) and they helped the humans to improve.

In Hinduism, the creation story tells of a giant cobra coming out of nothing. The cobra protected the god Vishna which was inside it. A great sound, om, came and a lotus flower sprang out of Vishna's navel (belly button). Out of the lotus came Brahma and Brahma split the lotus flower into the heavens, earth and sky.

In Christianity, the creation story begins with the presence of God. There was nothing else. He created the universe in seven days.

1. light and air

2. air and water

3. oceans, lakes, land

4. sun, moon and stars

5. sea creatures and birds

6. animals, first people (Adam and Eve)

7. God rested


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