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Experiment #1

Question: How can we fill up a balloon with air without breathing into it?

Ideas: Farting (thanks, Bertik)- too smelly

Hand pump- maybe

Helium tank- too expensive

Hair dryer- maybe

Boil water- too hot for the balloon

What do we already know?

we need a gas, we need force (or some way for the gas to get in)


balloon expands to fit all of the air (gas) inside

requires some force or energy or effort

requires a tight seal around the opening

full balloon is in a fixed shape because the air helps it to keep its shape, it has tension

empty balloon can be easily manipulated


We believe that we can use a chemical reaction that creates a gas to fill the balloon.


We will use yeast to create a gas to fill the balloon.

You will need:


a spoon of sugar

warm water

an empty bottle



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