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HW 9.9-13.9

Monday:   5th and 6th grade

Writer's Workshop Essay (13.9)

History: Athens Worksheet (16.9)

Quizlet: Ancient Greece

Tuesday: 5th and 6th grade

No Homework! Enjoy!

Wednesday:  5th and 6th grade-

Geography: Workbook pg 6 (17.9)

Grammar Unit 1 (12.9)

Spelling: Workbook  Unit 2 (13.9)

Gr 5- Focus A, Extra

Gr 6-  Focus, Extra A, Extension A

Thursday: 5th and 6th grade

Study: Spellings (13.9)

Grammar- Quizlet:

Gr 5- Singular and Plural

Gr 6-  Subject and Object

Science: Quizlet:

Gr 6- Excretory System


Spelling Test

Spellings x2 (16.9)


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