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Kindergarten Readiness Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Admission to Townshend International School


To foster the appropriate environment for learning and to ensure preparation for those continuing on to Primary School, we ask that you abide by the following minimum requirements:

a. Your child will be three years old on or before the first day of school. (See Bathroom Needs)

b. Your child can take care of toileting needs independently

c. You and your child have attended a Kindergarten Readiness Interview and Assessment

Bathroom Needs

All children attending kindergarten should be toilet trained. We have several scheduled bathroom times: mid-morning, after snack, and before and after lunch

Every child will be encouraged to use the bathroom and wash his/her hands. For safety purposes and to foster the learning environment of kindergarten, your child must be able to handle all toileting needs independently.

Toileting procedures: Your child must be able to

  1. tell the teacher when he/she needs to go to the bathroom

  2. pull pants down and pull them back up by him or herself

  3. get on and off of the toilet independently

  4. wipe their own bottom after urination or a bowel movement

  5. wash their hands independently

Kindergarten Readiness

In order to maintain the balance between play and academics and in order to prepare your child for first grade we require each student to be sufficiently ready to participate in the daily activities of our kindergarten.

Before your child begins school, a simple interview will be scheduled to acquaint you and your child with Townshend International School Kindergarten and to help us get acquainted with you. You will be informed of our policies and procedures, receive answers to your questions and your child will be assessed by the kindergarten teacher to determine his or her readiness.

This assessment will include...

*Social Skills

*Independence Skills

*Gross Motor Skills

*Fine Motor Skills

*Cognitive Skills


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