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Last Week Online 18.5 - 22.5

Since we have short week, there is less work so that you can catch up on any missing work. Remember to read 15 minutes a day and write it in your reading log.

Monday 18.5 - Morning Meeting Zoom at 10am

Year 3: Math Ch 13 WB 4-5

Year 4: Math Ch 14 mind workout

Year 3/4: Spelling Unit 28 Complete Focus and Extra in workbook

(no spelling cards since it is a short week)

Tuesday 19.5

Year 3: Math Ch 13 WB 6-7

Grammar- Unit 27

Year 4: Grammar- Unit 28

Year 4: Math Review 14 (parents please initial)

Year 3/4: ESL Grammar Seesaw- Noun, verb, adjective

Wednesday 20.5

Year 3: Math Ch 13 WB 8

Year 3/4: Seesaw Activity: Earthquake Fact or Opinion

Spelling Test Unit 28

Thursday 21.5 In-service Teacher Day (No school)

Friday 22.5 In-service Teacher Day (No school)


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